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PremiereTrade was founded by James Dicks in 2002.  Since then James has gone on to sharing his message of total portfolio diversification with millions of people.  Tens of thousands have attend one of his live training events around the world. Today PremiereTrade is a total financial solution for investors of all levels.

As an international McGraw-Hill best selling Author James is able to continue sharing his message with a global audience.  With the Launch of PremiereTrade’s Software, PremiereTrade continues to lead the industry with its proprietary color coded graphic interface allowing customers to use traditional technical indicators and a unique ability to easily recognize buy and sell opportunities.

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I have spent more than 25 years in the financial industry learning how to create multiple streams of income while using good diversification to maintain a healthy portfolio.  I have seen my ups and downs and have made a point to memorialize those in many of  my books.

I want to make sure that my customers know they are not alone.  We all make financial mistakes and together we can come together and use our experiences to achieve the financial goals we set for ourselves.  PremiereTrade started as a dream and today delivers solid eduction, tools and support around the world to investors of all levels.

I look forward to working with and meeting you in the near future.  I encourage you to try our revolutionary PremiereTrade Software for free.  Take it for a test drive and see for your self.

Happy Investing!

My Best,

James E. Dicks Jr.