• ^NDX5741.9443-143.3516 -2.4358%
  • ^FTSE7527.33+77.35 +1.04%
  • ^AORD5715.50+0.70 +0.01%
  • ^AXJO5677.80+1.20 +0.02%
  • AUDUSD=X0.7523
  • USDJPY=X110.3270
  • EURUSD=X1.1194
  • GBPUSD=X1.2738
  • USDCAD=X1.3468
  • USDCHF=X0.9687

Forex: Ideas You Can Trade – EUR/USD Bullish If 1.1400 Hit

Posted by Steven Hatzakis on Wed, May 13, 2015 @ 11:54 AM


EURUSD: Pullback in steep recovery ended as bullish channel regained and resistance on 1.1389 is nearby

The medium term daily candle chart below shows the price history of the Euro currency (EUR) versus the United States Dollar (USD). This currency pair is known as EUR/USD, and is trading near 1.1370 around time of publication today and near session highs of 1.1381.

EUR/USD was last reviewed in Ideas You Can Trade last week when a pullback was described in the steep recovery that had already begun. Volatility was expected and continued since then, and that pullback has now ended comdirect as the steep bullish channel (see chart below) has just been regained – although barely.

If resistance near last week’s high of 1.1389 is overcome, and 1.1400 is reached, this should be a bullish sign that could enable a continuation higher, whereas if 1.1400 is missed or cannot be maintained – then a sharp reversal could follow.

Either way, expect volatility around this level, and traders should exercise due caution and adjust trade sizes accordingly as high risk/reward events could precede a move in either direction.

Below are examples of how to trade a bullish continuation or a bearish reversal:

1. BULLISH BUY ENTRY ORDER: Create a “Buy Entry Stop” @ 1.1401 with a Limit to take profit @ 1.1449 and a stop-loss @ 1.1361 Risk/Reward Summary: Limit risk Wholesale NFL Jerseys = +48 pips profit / (-40) Stop-loss risk = Gain to Loss ratio =  1.20

2. BEARISH SELL ENTRY ORDER: Create a “Sell Entry Stop” @ 1.1273 with a Limit to take profit @ 1.1218 and a stop-loss @ 1.1319 Risk/Reward Summary: Limit risk = +55 pips profit / (-46) Stop-loss risk = Gain to Loss Ratio = 1.19

<img class="alignnone wp-image-2179" src="http://premieretrade.com/wp-content/uploads/EURUSDDaily-MAy-13-2015-note.png" alt="EURUSDDaily MAy 13 2015 note" width="600" cheap oakleys sunglasses height=”265″ srcset=”http://premieretrade.com/wp-content/uploads/EURUSDDaily-MAy-13-2015-note.png 1350w, http://premieretrade.com/wp-content/uploads/EURUSDDaily-MAy-13-2015-note-300×132.png 300w, http://premieretrade.com/wp-content/uploads/EURUSDDaily-MAy-13-2015-note-1024×452.png 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” />

The PremiereTrade Wizard’s decisive colors are great for analyzing any currency pair.


Images: WorldWideMarkets/PremiereTrade

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Forex: European Ranges

Posted by Marge Maresca on Mon, May 11, 2015 @ 07:00 AM


May 11, 2015 – European ranges for Major currency pairs provided by WorldWideMarkets. The London session, which is the largest trading center replica oakleys where approximately 40% of the daily FX volume is transacted, is arguably the most liquid and efficient trading period of the day. Consequently, the ranges that are defined during this session are quite relevant when the second largest trading session, New York, begins.

European Ranges – FX ranges since the European session began.

HIGH   1.1196  120.03   1.5500   0.7255  134.23   0.7912   0.7405   0.9345   1.0434
LOW   1.1133  119.80   1.5392   0.7200  133.60   0.7886   0.7370   0.9295   1.0387
RANGE  +0.0063    -0.23  +0.0108  -0.0055   +0.63  +0.0026  -0.0035  -0.0050  -0.0047

Chart – The Bank of England left rates unchanged


Save time by using the PremiereTrade Software. Green you Buy, Red you sell. Here is the GBP/USD in the Green.


Images: WorldWideMarkets/PremiereTrade

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DISCLAIMER: Trading in the Foreign Exchange market involves a significant and substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your age, income, personal circumstances, trading knowledge, and financial resources. Only true risk capital should be used for trading in the Foreign Exchange market. Any opinion, market analysis or other information of any kind contained in this web site and or any communication from PremiereTrade and or affiliates is subject to change at any time. Nothing in this communication should be construed as a solicitation to trade in the Foreign Exchange market. If you are considering trading in the Foreign Exchange market before you trade make sure you understand how the spot market operates, and the risk involved.

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