Forex 101: Chart Entry Signals & The Wizard (Infographic)

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Chart Entry Signals
Proprietary Algorithm that converts price to fair value adjusts the fair value for strength of movement.

Two Moving Averages Based on the Adjusted Fair Value 

  • Fast moving average – signified by a white line
  • Slow moving average – signified by a black line

The Wizard
The PremiereTrade Wizard combines price movement, volatility, pressure, and momentum to allow traders the opportunity to maximize their entrance into a trade. The Wizard screen is composed of four main indicators:

  1. The moving average screen
  2. The Momentum Indicator
  3. The Volatility Indicator
  4. The Buying and Selling Pressure Indicator

Timing The Entry
Utilizing each component of the Wizard screen will help the trader in understanding when to enter a position and which direction to enter it. The infographic below is a brief introduction into using the PremiereTrade Wizard and the Chart Entry Signals to analyze the Forex (FX) Market visit the website.

Forex PremiereTrade Wizard