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To really excel with your PremiereTrade AI software, use our online education center. It’s free!

With more than 10 years of use, customers have developed a deep pole of experience using PremiereTrade AI Software.

We have made it our top priority to capture this knowledge and experience and deliver to you in multiple learning formats. The people who use this site want to be successful traders, so check it out!

If you haven’t already downloaded your copy of the PremiereTrade AI software down download now!

Whether you are new to trading in the FOREX market or consider yourself a pro, we are confident that this site will help you improve your trading skills.

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Two Types of Trades

PremiereTrade AI 7.0 Orientation

PremiereTrade AI 7.0 Quick Start

PremiereTrade Fast Track Training

Forex Basic Course

Forex Extensive Market Training

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Forex Market Time Clock

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Why is market closed in red
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Purpose of icons
How to minimize and maximize data points
How to zoom in on a chart
How to draw volume on a chart
How do I change password
Changing currency pair for quick reference bar
Adding a study on the Wizard Screen
Changing Time Zones