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PremiereTrade offers the only software of its kind. Proprietary and unique features not seen in other trading platforms. The traditional charting has been designed by traders for traders. What sets PremiereTrade apart from others is the simplicity it uses with it's color coded graphics interlaced with technical indicators.

Our trading platform allows traders of all levels to access the tools they feel they need to help them trade the Forex, Cryptos, Equites and more. 99 cent credit card authorization to register and use the software, feel free to give it a try. See why traders around the world are using PremiereTrade.

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About The Founder

James Dicks

James leads a group of diversified financial technology companies that provide the latest technology to traders. His products deliver cutting edge trading tools for traders at all levels.

Tens of Millions of people have heard James message of portfolio diversification and money management. Hundreds of thousands have attended one of his live training events and tens of thousands have already registered for his PremiereTrade Software.

James is is committed to helping people reach their trading goals.